Claim Your Beauty

style reinvention for the inside & out

Claim Your Beauty is a head-to-toe proogram that starts in your heart. The beauty that emerges results in the creation of your new style story.

Your style story is how you express yourself through fashion. It’s a way to be deliberate about who you are becoming and allowing that to shine through your style. But first, you must undo to redo.

Heart coherence techniques are blended into this style reinvention program, so you can blossom from a new baseline with optimal clarity and appreciation of yourself.

Claim Your Beauty will help you discover that beauty is more than just fashion. There are no rules, there is only your personal style, feeling beautiful and expressing your spirit.

for you to see beauty here does not mean
there is beauty in me
it means there is beauty rooted so deep within you
you cant help but see it everywhere

Rupi Kaur

Line drawing in gold of woman's head and face


Beauty is whatever makes your heart leap. It is the feeling of genuine connection as you express yourself. It is when your style is so authentically you that it says to others that they can do the same. The path of beauty will encourage you to admire every part of yourself through the process of letting go, embracing who you are, then becoming who you always wanted to be, with conviction.

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Heart Coherence by HeartMath

When you are in the process of transformation, you may feel anxious, fearful, or uncomfortable. Usually, when you experience any of these stress symptoms, you naturally will want to revert to what feels “normal”. But the “normal” you are drawn to is, in fact, the very thing that produced the need for change.

As a HeartMath® Certified Coach** I will help guide you in building the resilience capacity that you need to stretch beyond what is comfortable and propel you to who you are becoming. This will create health and beauty within you, so you can have balanced energy in the face of change.

When you are more resilient, you can make better decisions on the spot, communicate effectively, and have more social awareness. With a sustainable practice, you will have lasting results that will match the essence of what beauty is to you.

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Package breakdown

During your one-on-one sessions, you will learn the practical application of inner beauty by exploring your relationship with outer beauty. This skill set creates harmony and coherence within the textures of your emotions, so you can experience your day with ease, appreciation, and kindness. My job is to empower you to achieve your goals. I will challenge you to attain a higher degree of emotional self-regulation while gaining greater competence in using the HeartMath tools, techniques and technology. We all need structure around our emotions, and that is where the HeartMath® system is most helpful.

The HeartMath® (HMI) Institute was founded in 1991. It is dedicated to researching how the heart communicates with the brain. Through research HMI has developed techniques that positively affect our emotional, physical, and mental well-being so we can have a greater quality of life. Every technique is meant to be integrated into our established routines, restructuring our emotional processes on-the-go. HMI has found that pairing a positive emotion with rhythmic breathing synchronizes all internal systems, allowing for a more composed and clear connection with our thoughts and feelings. This synchronization is beauty itself.

Everyone is unique, and each package will be tailored to your individual goals. Before each session, I will send an informative email of what to expect and any information to help you understand the concepts more clearly. The more you know, the greater your transformation and experience will be.

Sometimes words just can’t illustrate your unique style preferences. Communicating your style through images is often much more effective. When designing your Beauty Portfolio, I will encourage you to choose images that make your heart swell even if it is outside of your box so you can fully understand what your attracted to.

We will create your Beauty Portfolio as a way to give you a visual reminder and an organizational tool to define the look you are going for. By breaking down your lifestyle into style categories, you will be able to simplify your wardrobe for more efficiency and certainty when getting dressed for any occasion.

Together, we will take the time to create a head-to-toe portfolio, so you will always have a visual reference point of your new look. How you design your unique style is entirely up to you.


Closet Coherence is when your closet is filled with clothes that harmonize with one another to create a dynamic interconnected wardrobe. A coherent closet acts as a second skin that synchronizes the full aspects of your essence and personality. You will be able to intermix items of clothing to create multiple head-to-toe outfits that effortlessly connect to who you are.

You will carefully go through every piece of clothing in your wardrobe, from favorites, to least favorites. After you have decided on what stays and what goes, we will recreate outfits that reflect your desired style by referring to your Beauty Portfolio.

Keeping your lifestyle in mind, I will help you organize your closet for a more efficient morning. We will work together on creating the most effective and attractive space so you can be at ease when getting dressed.

We will also determine what you may need to complete your new wardrobe. Armed with your new, clearly defined clothing style in mind, you can confidently purchase what you need over time and within your budget. Whatever is to be donated I will happily take to a local charity.



While shopping may have felt like a cumbersome, disorganized task in the past, now that you truly understand how you want to express yourself through fashion, you will have a sense of ease while you shop and you will really enjoy your shopping experience.

We will visit the stores that reflect your desired style and revisit the stores you already love. You will focus on purchasing the items you need to complete your wardrobe. I will encourage you to create outfits as you shop, so you can confidently recreate the style you are going for.

This will also be the perfect opportunity for you to use any of the HeartMath® techniques to embrace your beauty and decrease stress. By creating coherence while you shop, you will choose the perfect outfit and feel incredible wearing it!

For a Hair Styling Lesson, you will first determine what style you want to learn by referring to your Beauty Portfolio. We will go through your hair products and tools that will give you the best results for your hair texture and desired style. I will provide you with step-by-step instructions and guide you through styling your hair. You will be doing most of the styling as I teach you. Learning a new style takes practice, but from my experience, anybody can style their hair!

A New Hairstyle is essential in pulling a “look” together, whether if it’s simple or extravagant. This appointment will be like any other hair appointment, but in your home. You can choose to get new hair color, a new haircut, or both. We will refer to your Beauty Portfolio for ideas and inspiration. A full studio set up, tools, smocks, towels, and products will be provided so you can sit back and relax.

During your Make-Up Lesson, Rachel will refer to your Beauty Portfolio and guide you in creating the perfect look for you. Your daily routine and time constraints will be considered when choosing products and application.

Rachel will help you determine what products, brushes, shades, and tones compliment your complexion. She will help you discard anything that doesn’t fit your preferred look. This step-by-step lesson will help you simplify any challenges you may encounter when working with make-up.

If you prefer a Skin Care Consultation, Rachel will address any concerns and questions to design the perfect regimen for your skin. Her goal is to guide you to healthy, silky, hydrated skin.

Whether if your skin is dry, sensitive, oily or a combination of all three, knowing the essential products and treatments will make all the difference. Rachel will focus on recommending the right combinations of products and ingredients that will give your skin an extra boost. Your morning and evening regimens will now be highlighted with care and balance for beautifully bright skin.





You’ve done the hard work, and claimed your own unique beauty and style—having a personal portrait is the cherry on top of this program. Whether you show the world or keep it just for yourself, a beautiful personal portrait can be a real confidence booster, and will help you to see the beautiful person you are!

In her peaceful little window-light studio in a Rockville artists’ collective, certified professional portrait photographer Tamzin Smith will embrace the transformation you have stepped into, and capture it through her photographic talent. Relax… no modeling experience required! Tamzin will quickly put you at ease, create a space where you can be yourself, meet you wherever you are at the moment, and work with you to create the best portraits you’ve ever had.

This package includes a 30-minute studio session with one or two looks/outfits (as time permits), and one full-resolution, fully-retouched portrait file (your choice from all the best shots). If you would like any more photographs and/or a longer session with more looks, you can make arrangements with Tamzin.





Rachel is an avid collector of all things beauty and has always been creatively inclined. She took on a new career path in make-up artistry after learning that pursuing a career under her BA in journalism was not for her.

She is a graduate of the Von Lee Academy and has worked with various make-up brands including M.A.C, Smashbox and now Blue Mercury.

Rachel’s expertise has attracted a growing clientele for weddings, proms, photo shoots, and one-on-one lessons. Her patience, eye for color and skill will enhance beauty in places you may have not even known existed.



Tamzin has a natural ability for developing a quick rapport with people so you can relax, be yourself, and enjoy the experience that results in portraits you love. She has found a passion for working with those who are in need of professional portraits, headshots or environmental portraits for business branding, social media, and/or online dating.

Tamzin completed the Professional Photographer Program at the Washington School of Photography in 2013 after working as a graphic designer for 23 years.

In her experience as an international model, she developed skill in directing flattering poses that ensures her clients are captured with thoughtful attention.

Personal note

The journey of transformation is sometimes sharp and steep. You have the capacity to move mountains that reside inside of you by allowing positive changes in your life and how you perceive beauty. Allowing change will create miracles where you least expect them. And change, even for the better, can shake your world quite a bit.

We will find ways to welcome the positive changes, always remembering that allowing is the key to gratification. Patience and curiosity about the beautiful person that you are will bring wonderful results.

I want every person to recognize beauty in all people, because we are. It is the essential energy that supersedes negativity. You can use it to understand yourself, instead of wanting to be understood. Making the decision to create beauty in your life is to understand the truth of yourself and is exponentially the most important task of your day. I urge you to start making decisions that will grow you, so you can step out of your comfort zone and see the world with a new pair of eyes. Look in the mirror to see the manifestation of the beauty you have created and allow yourself to transform into who you want to become.

This program was created to meet you where you are on your journey and at the level of your needs. Enjoy a 30-minute Free Consultation to determine the best way to unpack your beauty. Below, please send a message about yourself and why you want to Claim Your Beauty, I would love to hear from you.

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