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Megan Glover has 15 years experience working as a hairstylist, salon Creative Director, Aquage Haircare Educator and 3 years experience as a HeartMath® Certified Coach. After working in salons for more than a decade, Megan set out on her own and began a new journey, founding Victoria Brett Creative, which she named after her parents. Victoria Brett Creative is a company developed for those who want to claim their beauty inside and out, with Megan taking the lead to guide them in their true direction. Megan knows how deep personal beauty is and through her Concierge Hair and Coaching services, her clients experience the care and results they desire.

“To claim your beauty means to discover your unique beauty and define it; to live by its principles and exude it in every aspect of your life. In doing so, you see others differently and notice their authenticity and creativity. You know yourself on a deeper level and express your true self, no longer basing it on the opinions of others.”

With her natural talent for style and as a believer of integrating beauty in all aspects of life, Megan also developed a style reinvention program: Closet Coherence. Following her own personal transformation, the changes she endured after leaving the salon world and a relationship to which she was so intimately connected, Megan created this program for those who want to dive deeper in redefining their relationship with beauty.

Megan embraced the change she could no longer avoid and dove into the internal, mental and spiritual. She leaned into the practice of daily meditation and joined the Ashtanga Yoga community, finding that total commitment was the only way to progress. With the renewed sense of self Megan experienced during her own retreat and study of HeartMath®, she was able to reinvent herself and harmonize the elements of her life to be more beneficial for herself and her clients.

People come to Megan to reconnect to their confidence, and because they believe that a personal revision of beauty will empower them. By helping them create a new style story and what they tell themselves about it, Megan’s clients experience true self-discovery by merging beauty and spirit.

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