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To claim your beauty means to discover your unique beauty and define it; to live by its principles and exude it in every aspect of your life. In doing so, you see others differently and notice their authenticity and creativity. You know yourself on a deeper level and express your true self, no longer basing it on the opinions of others.

Claim Your Beauty coaching is for you to develop a new relationship to beauty. Each coaching option has heart added to it, as real beauty is expressed from within.

for you to see beauty here does not mean
there is beauty in me
it means there is beauty rooted so deep within you
you cant help but see it everywhere

Rupi Kaur

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Beauty is whatever makes your heart leap. It’s the feeling of genuine connection as you express yourself. It’s when your lifestyle is so authentically you that it says to others that they can do the same. As you embark on the path of ‘new beauty,’ you’ll learn to admire every part of yourself through the process of letting go, embracing who you are, and becoming who you always wanted to be with conviction.

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Heart Coherence by HeartMath

When you are in the process of transformation, you may feel anxious, fearful or uncomfortable. When you experience any of these symptoms of stress, you naturally want to revert to what feels “normal.” But the “normal” you are drawn to is, in fact, the very thing that produced the need for change.

As a HeartMath® Certified Coach,* I will guide you in building the resilience capacity you need to stretch beyond what is comfortable and unfold who you really are. This will create health and beauty within you, so you can have balanced energy in the face of change.

When you are more resilient, you can make better decisions on the spot, communicate effectively and have more social awareness. With a sustainable practice, you will have lasting results that will match the essence of what beauty is to you.

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During your 30-minute or one-hour, one-on-one sessions you will gain the tools you need to be active participant in creating the change you want see in yourself. Your head and your heart will intelligently align as you learn the practical application of inner beauty. This skill set will create harmony and coherence within the textures of your emotions so that you can experience your day with ease, appreciation and kindness for yourself and others. Mixing the modalities of HeartMath® techniques, meditation and mindfulness will empower you to design a new lifestyle story.

Through my expertise and personal experiences, I will give you the knowledge and skills that engage your confidence, self-security and self-love. I will challenge you to attain a higher degree of emotional self-regulation while gaining greater competence in using the HeartMath® tools, techniques and technology.

We all need structure around our emotions and to feel good in our skin. Claim Your Beauty Coaching will light this path for you.

Building Personal Resilience™ small group coaching is to provide strategies that encourage and support effective self-regulation as you face day-to-day challenges in your personal and professional life. Increase self-awareness and build resilience by creating a sustainable personal practice using the HeartMath® tools and techniques.

In this small group setting, you will have the opportunity to join others in a like-minded community and learn how to activate your Heart’s intelligence. A succession of science-based tools and techniques that foster emotional balance, physiological harmony, and self-empowerment will be thoughtfully woven into each one-hour session.

Accessing your Heart’s intuitive guidance will expand your resilience capacity, boost your vitality, and reduce stress. As you learn how to align the Heart and Brain, you will gain new insights into creating a profound shift from energy depletion to energy renewal and approach situations with ease. 



Closet Coherence is a head-to-toe program that starts in your heart. The beauty that emerges results in the creation of your new style story.

Your style story is how you express yourself through fashion. It’s a way to be deliberate about who you are becoming and allowing that to shine through your style. But first, you must undo to redo.

Heart coherence techniques are blended into this style reinvention program, so you can blossom from a new baseline with optimal clarity and appreciation of yourself.

Closet Coherence will help you discover that beauty is more than just fashion. There are no rules, there is only your personal style, feeling beautiful and expressing your spirit.

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Awaken and align the interconnected system of the heart, mind and body through guided meditation. Mixing modalities of rhythmic breathing, mindfulness and HeartMath® techniques learn how to profoundly change your inner landscape by reducing stress and shifting into states of ease, love and joy. With a focus on emotional energetics and active imagination students will enter into a deeper connection to themselves.

In-person classes held at Woodley Park Yoga. Contact to reserve your spot.

Dial-in classes held Sunday evenings. Contact below or email: for class details.

Personal note

The journey of transformation is sometimes sharp and steep. You have the capacity to move mountains that reside inside of you by allowing positive changes in your life and how you perceive beauty. Allowing change will create miracles where you least expect them. And change, even for the better, can shake your world quite a bit.

We will find ways to welcome these changes, always remembering that adding heart is the key to gratification. Patience and curiosity about the beautiful person that you are will bring wonderful results.

I want every person to recognize beauty in all people, because we are. It is the essential energy that supersedes negativity. You can use it to understand yourself, instead of wanting to be understood. Making the decision to create beauty in your life is to understand the truth of yourself and is exponentially the most important task of your day. I urge you to start making decisions that will grow you, so you can step out of your comfort zone and see the world with a new pair of eyes. Look in the mirror to see the manifestation of the beauty you have created and allow yourself to transform into who you want to become.

Each coaching option was created to meet you where you are on your journey and at the level of your needs. Enjoy a 30-minute Free Consultation to determine the best way to unpack your beauty. Below, please send a message about yourself and why you want to Claim Your Beauty, I would love to hear from you.

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